Osteopathy in Tunbridge Wells

Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of health issues.

Osteopaths treat people suffering from the following types of conditions:

arthritic pain
circulatory problems
digestive problems
headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)
joint pains including hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis
acute & chronic backache

muscle spasms
tension and inability to relax
rheumatic pain
mechanical neck pain

Osteopathy addresses the root cause of your problems and not merely the symptoms. We recognize that dysfunction in one area can cause remote symptoms and we are highly skilled at finding the real cause of your pain. Treatment will focus on restoring normal structure and function to the tissues to leave you free from pain and disability.

Osteopaths are also trained to check for signs of medical conditions they cannot treat. In these circumstances, we will inform you of what we believe is the problem and may suggest further tests such as blood tests or scans. If appropriate, we may recommend that you see your GP or healthcare professional for other treatment.

During our first appointment we will ask you about your symptoms, medical history, general health and any medical care or medication you are taking. All the information is confidential and allows us to carry out the best examination and assessment possible.

We may ask you to remove items of clothing to allow us to examine you, if you are uncomfortable with this please do let us know. You can bring a t-shirt and shorts to wear and we will be happy to use towels for privacy.

Assessment may include a variety of aspects to find where there is stiffness, discomfort, tension, inflammation and restrictions which may include assessing your posture, making simple movements to see how your body is compensating and examining the tissues and joints using our hands.

The examination may involve areas away from your symptoms as they maybe causing or maintaining the discomfort, so it may be necessary to examine these areas to find the source of the problem.

Treatment may use a combination of osteopathic techniques, structural, functional and cranial whichever is preferred and suitable for you. It will depend on your age, fitness and diagnosis and will evolve as your symptoms change.

We will also be happy to explain what we find, how we plan to work with you and offer rehabilitative exercise during the session and to take away.