Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates (or Rehabilitation Pilates) is a way of breaking down the movements of the body to safely build strength and endurance.

We may use a combination of movement disciplines and neuromuscular exercises to create the best form of rehabilitation for you.

Our style also helps prevent further or recurring problems by addressing posture, muscle firing and motor control – using the same concepts that form the foundation of most orthopaedic rehabilitation and therapy.

It is important that the work is pain free and relevant to your specific issue.

Pain may stem from misalignment elsewhere in the body and failure to fix the source may yield little or no relief.

We will focus on the whole body and not just the injured area. Incorporating exercise science and rehabilitation principles, taking out poor movements whilst improving flexibility, motion and technique – training the body to move in safer, more efficient movement patterns which is invaluable for recovery and continued health.

Whether post injury or post operation, we strive to offer a low impact solution to help build confidence, strength and alignment in the body.

Your body may have made adjustments to avoid pain or to help recuperate, so once you’re ready it’s a good idea to address the body’s imbalances correcting asymmetries and weaknesses to prevent re-injury.

In the studio we have a range of specialised rehabilitation equipment including the reformer, cadillac and stability chair.

The equipment is designed to work the whole of the body from top to toe, allowing safe rehabilitation from the shoulders to the ankles. It can help teach the body (and brain) how to make a safe and correct movement in a way that the body may have forgotten or adapted to a weak and vulnerable one.